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  • Best in Education and Training

    We recommend that all clients spend time learning about the markets before you start trading.

    To help you get started, we have designed a range of training and education tools and services to improve your spread betting skills and help you to become a better trader.

    From our detailed guides and videos on  How to Spread Bet, to dedicated spread betting Beginners accounts for those new to spread betting – you can enhance your knowledge of spread betting and get started no matter what your level of spread betting experience.

    Beginners Accounts

    We also offer a Beginners account, which has been designed to help you to learn live trading with low stake sizes, which start from just 10p per point. You don't need to make a large deposit to get started, you can begin trading with as little as £100. You can start trading in real-world conditions, confident in the knowledge that your risk and potential losses are lower given the reduced stake sizes.

    Risk Management

    At Finspreads, we offer a range of powerful risk management tools including Stop Loss and Guaranteed Stop Loss orders, as well as the option of opening a Limited Risk account. These risk management tools, when used correctly, can help protect your account should the markets turn against you. ,

    Find out more about our range of risk management orders, or see our different account types to pick the right account type to suit your trading style.

  • Open an Account

    Spread bet from 10p per point with tight spreads and low margins


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    With spread bets you can increase you exposure to an underlying investment.

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    With spread bets you can increase you exposure to an underlying investment.