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  • Beginners Account

    Beginners Account

    If you are new to spread betting, a Beginners account is an ideal way to get started.

    Trade popular Indices, FX pairs and commodities with minimum stake sizes from just 10p.

    Beginners Account: What it Offers You

    10p Stake Size

    Through your Beginners account, you can benefit from one of the smallest minimum stake sizes available to spread bettors throughout the life of your account.

    You can take a position across major financial instruments, such as the UK 100, Wall St, EUR/USD, GBP/USD and US Crude Oil, with stakes from just 10p, a great way to get familiar with the ins and outs of spread betting without risking a lot of capital. Of course, you can trade whatever stake you want, if you're a more experienced trader, you're not restricted to just 10p stakes. 

    Range of Markets

    Through our Beginners account you can trade across the following markets:

    • Indices
    • Commodities
    • Currencies
    • Metals

    Please note: you cannot trade shares through a Beginners account, if you would like to trade shares, why not apply for a Standard account instead? Click here to compare all our spread betting accounts.

    Find out more about our financial markets through our Range of Markets section.

    Trade with Reduced Risk

    The Beginners account enables you to attach a Guaranteed Stop Loss Order* (GSLO) to your trade which means that you can manage your risk, as the Guaranteed Stop will automatically close positions at specified levels if the markets move against you.

    Unlike a standard Stop Loss Order, a GSLO automatically closes out your losing trade at a predetermined level set by you, regardless of whether a market gaps due to good or bad news. 

    A GSLO, therefore, offers you maximum risk protection, even in volatile markets.

    Find out more about how GSLOs could benefit you and help limit your potential losses through our dedicated Risk Management section.

    *A GSLO will incur a small premium upon trade opening. Please see the market information sheets on our trading platforms for details of the GSLO premium on each individual market.

    Range of Trading Platforms

    As a Beginners account holder, you can trade across our full range of trading platforms.

    Spread bet across our powerful online trading platform, Advantage Web, or on the move with our iPhone and Android mobile trading apps.

    Find out more about our full range of platforms in the Trading Platform section.

  • Open an Account

    Spread bet from 10p per point with tight spreads and low margins