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  • Range of Markets

    We offer tight spreads and low margins on thousands of spread betting products. Our FX spreads start at just 0.5 points (variable) on popular products like EUR/USD and USD/JPY and our indices spreads start from 1 point on the UK 100, Germany 30 and France 40.



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    • Indices
    • Currencies
    • Commodities
    • Metals
    • Shares
    • Day Trades


    As a Finspreads account holder, you can spread bet from 1 point on major indices including the UK 100, Germany 30 and France 40. We also offer low margins from 1% on global indices.


    Forex trading - also known as FX or currency trading – is the most heavily traded markets in the world. At Finspreads you can trade FX with variable spreads, starting from as little as 0.5pts on EUR/USD.


    With your Finspreads spread betting account, you can take a position on an extensive range of commodities, including UK and US Crude Oil, Cocoa, Coffee, Sugar, Wheat and Soyabeans.


    With your Finspreads spread betting account, you can trade a wide range of metals, including silver, gold, palladium and copper.


    At Finspreads, we offer tight spreads on thousands of UK, European and US shares, with our spreads starting from just 0.08% around the underlying market spread.

    Day Trades

    Day Trades are a form of spread bets that are designed exclusively for ‘day’ or short term traders, and offer a great way to start spread betting on shares, as they offer tight spreads and no overnight risk. Trade fifteen of the most popular UK shares, including Aviva, Anglo-American and Vodafone.

    Benefits of Spread Betting with Finspreads

    What We Offer

    At Finspreads, you can take a long or short position across a range of financial instruments 24 hours a day, meaning that you can benefit from tax-free profits* irrespective of whether the markets are moving up or down.

    Benefits of spread betting include:

    Ability to trade on both rising or falling markets

    24-hour prices on thousands of global markets

    Leveraged trading

    Tax-free profits*

    Trading platforms include browser-based and mobile trading Apps for iPhone and Android