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  • Indices

    Unlike more conventional forms of trading, spread betting enables you to take a position on thousands of markets worldwide, irrespective of whether prices are rising or falling.

    Spreads and Margins

    As a Finspreads account holder, you can spread bet from 1 point on major indices including the UK 100, Germany 30, US Tech 100 and France 40. We also offer low margins, from just 0.5% on the major indices like Wall St and the UK 100.

    See our spread bet examples page located in our how to spread bet section for more information on how you can spread bet indices.

    Indices Spread* Margin
    UK 100 DFT  1 point  0.50%
    Wall Street DFT  1.6 points 0.50%
    Germany 30 DFT   1 point 0.50%
    France 40 DFT   1 point  0.50%
    Australia 200 DFT  1 point 0.50%
    SP 500 DFT   0.4 points 0.50%
    US Tech 100 DFT   1 point 0.50%

    * Spreads during market hours. Spreads may vary outside of market hours and according to the underlying market spread, market conditions and liquidity. 

    Margin rates in the table above represent the first step for margin factors in each specific market. Margin factors will increase the more you trade, as identified by each step margin. For more information, please see market information via the trading platform.

    What Affects Indices Prices?

    Market prices can be affected by a range of factors, including company earnings, politics, economic data and even natural disasters. All of these factors can affect the demand from investors to purchase or hold onto shares, and it is the movement of underlying shares that affects the pricing of popular indices such as the FTSE 100 or the Dow Jones Industrial Average

    For example, the release of positive economic reports, such as jobs data and GDP data tend to have a positive impact on investor sentiment as they indicate a stronger economy, encouraging traders to buy, thus pushing up prices as demand exceeds supply. The release of poor economic data, on the other hand, typically has a negative impact on sentiment, causing prices to fall lower.

    As a spread bettor, you can take advantage and potentially profit from all market moves up or down, giving you greater flexibility than regular shares dealers, who typically only profit when prices rise.

    it is important to keep an eye on upcoming economic data and thoroughly understand factors that could impact the price of the market you wish to trade before you open a position with us. See our Economic Calendar for more information.

    Range of Platforms

    You can take a position on indices with all our three account types – Beginners, Standard and Limited Risk – thus enjoying maximum flexibility to suit your individual preference, strategy and level of experience. Open an Account now or see our Trading Platforms section for more information.

  • Open an Account

    Spread bet from 10p per point with tight spreads and low margins