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  • Metals

    With your Finspreads spread betting account, you can take a position on a wide range of metals including silver, gold, palladium and copper. 

    Our metals spread bet markets are available to trade 23 hours a day, making it possible for you to speculate on fast-moving metals prices at almost any time of the day or night. 

    You can trade metals via all our three account types, so you can trade commodities like Gold or Silver whether you are new to spread betting, or an experienced hand.

    See our spread bet examples page located in our how to spread bet section for more information on how you can spread bet on metals.

    Spreads and Margins

    We offer tight spreads on leading metal markets such as gold, silver and copper, keeping dealing costs to a minimum. Our spreads on gold start from just 0.4 points, silver from 2 points, and copper from 0.4 points. 

    Metals Spread* Margin
    Gold DFT From 0.4 points  0.50%
    Silver DFT From 2 points  1.00%
    Copper (Future) From 0.4 points 1.00%
    Palladium  From 4 points  1.00%
    Platinum  From 2.4 points  1.00%

    * Spreads during market hours. Spreads may vary outside of market hours and according to the underlying market spread, market conditions and liquidity.

    Margin rates in the table above represent the first step for margin factors in each specific market. Margin factors will increase the more you trade, as identified by each step margin. For more information, please see market information via the trading platform.

    What Affects Metal Prices?

    Metals prices are most significantly impacted by supply and demand, but can also spike during periods of high market volatility when investors trade in and out of metals or look to diversify their investments across multiple sectors, or the so called 'safe-heaven' of buying gold in times of market turmoil. 

    Gold is historically considered to be a safe haven investment, with demand for the precious metal rising during periods of uncertainty in the stock markets or as a hedge against inflationary pressures.

    Find out how you can spread bet metals with Finspreads or see our Market Information Sheet located in our trading platform for information on our metals spreads and prices.

  • Open an Account

    Spread bet from 10p per point with tight spreads and low margins