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  • Learn to Spread Bet

    Learn how to spread bet with Finspreads through our dedicated education section. Through our Learn to Spread Bet section, you can access a wide range of trading tips and resources.

    We also offer an introduction to spread betting section, helping you to understand the financial markets and how they work, as well as spread betting tips for managing your risks and analysing the markets.

    Our Learn to Spread Bet section has been designed to help you build up your spread betting expertise so you can start trading across thousands of markets with confidence.

    We also help you to decipher what kind of trader you are and guide you in developing a solid spread betting plan.

    • Intro
    • Markets
    • Risk
    • Psychology
    • Trader
    • Analysis
    • Technical
    • Tips

    Introduction to Spread Betting

    Spread betting offers the opportunity to trade on the future price movement of a wide range of financial markets, including shares and indices, for only a small initial deposit.

    Understanding the Markets

    It helps to understand the markets on which you are trading so you can speculate on their future direction more effectively and hopefully enjoy a more fruitful spread betting experience.

    Managing your Risk

    It is imperative to manage your risk when spread betting in order to limit your potential losses. Use our three-step guide to limit your risk when spread betting the global financial markets.

    Trading Psychology

    Often underestimated by some traders, your trading psychology could have a large impact on your success or failure as a spread bettor.

    What kind of Trader are You?

    Trading the markets profitably can be as much about finding the right sort of trading strategy to suit your personality and style as picking the right markets to trade at the right time.

    Fundamental Analysis

    Many traders utilise Fundamental Analysis on the strengths and weaknesses of a particular market to assess whether it may appreciate or depreciate in the future.

    Technical Analysis

    Technical Analysis is a hugely popular form of analysing the market today with many spread bettors utilising multiple technical indicators to help them to identify price trends and future trading opportunities.

    Spread Betting Tips

    Spread betting offers thousands of markets to trade, so it is important that you choose one that you understand and with which you are really comfortable.