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  • Risk Management

    In spread betting, as with other forms of trading, there is always the potential to profit or lose depending on whether the markets go in your favour or not. 

    As spread betting is a margined or leveraged product, there is also the potential that if risk management tactics are not employed, you could lose more than your initial deposit. 

    That’s why we provide our clients with powerful risk management tools to help you to cap losses at acceptable levels and manage your trades more professionally, even when you are on the move.

    Range of Risk Management Tools

    We offer a suite of risk management tools to help improve your spread betting profitability, such as Limited Risk accounts as well as standard and guaranteed stop losses which can be used to ensure that should prices move against you, your systems will automatically close out your position to prevent you from incurring substantial losses, even during times of high market volatility. 

    Find out more about our range of risk management orders.

    Limited Risk Accounts

    We also offer Limited Risk accounts – specially designed for traders who want to trade safe in the knowledge that you cannot lose more than the funds you hold in your account. 

    A limited risk account limits your risk to the funds in your account through an automated guaranteed stop loss on every spread bet you place, meaning that if prices do go against you, your risk is protected at all times. 

    Find out more about the benefits of opening a Limited Risk account with Finspreads.

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