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  • Account Types

    Through our range of spread betting accounts, you can find one that best suits you and your trading style whilst still benefiting from access to tight spreads, low margins and best price execution.


    Accounts to Suit You

    At Finspreads, we understand that no two spread bettors are the same, with each having their own trading style, risk persona and level of expertise.

    Offering three different account types, we consider those who are new to spread betting, those who want to limit their spread betting risk and those who are experienced spread bettors.

    Each account offers our spread bettors various features designed to suit their individual trading needs and styles, such as 10p stake sizes and Guaranteed Stop Loss Orders on every trade.

    Choosing Your Account

    Select from one of the following that best describes you and your spread betting experience and determine which spread betting account is best suited for you.

    • Beginners 
    • Standard 
    • Limited 

    Beginners Account

    If you are new to spread betting or any form of trading, then a Beginners Account is ideal for you. Take advantage of minimum stake sizes from just 10p on popular markets such as indices. 

    Standard Account

    Through our Standard Account, you can trade across thousands of global markets for a minimum stake size of just 50p, whilst also having the flexibility of utilising Guaranteed Stop Loss Orders.

    Limited Risk Account

    Through our Limited Risk Account, you can trade across thousands of markets – with the added protection and ease of mind that you can never lose more than the funds you have in your account.

    Comparison Table

    Use the table below to compare more easily our full range of spread betting accounts:

    Key Features Beginners Limited Risk Standard
    Minimum Stake Size 10p 50p 50p
    Guaranteed Stop Loss Order (GSLO) No  Yes  Yes 
    Can lose more than your initial deposit Yes  No  No 
    GSLO enforced on all trades No  Yes  No 
    Advantage Web (browser based) Yes  Yes  Yes 
    iPhone App Yes  Yes  Yes 
    Day Trades No  Yes  Yes 
    Shares No  Yes  Yes 
    Indices Yes  Yes  Yes 
    Commodities Yes  Yes  Yes 
    Currencies Yes  Yes  Yes 
      Apply  Apply  Apply