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  • Day Trades

    Day Trades are a form of spread bets that we have created exclusively for ‘Day Traders’, or short-term traders with a Standard or Limited Risk account. 

    Day Trades are a great way to get started trading shares with a spread betting account. You can spread bet on fifteen of the most popular UK shares, with lower spreads and margins and no overnight risk, as every trade is closed out at the UK market close at 4.30pm.

    To find the Day Trades on the platform, search for one of the companies listed below in the Market Search bar. The Day Trade contract will appear in the list of products displayed. 

    Shares available to trade as Day Trades
    Anglo American
    Barclays (UK)
    BHP Billiton (LSE)
    HSBC Holdings (LSE)
    Lloyds Banking Group
    RBS Group (LSE)
    Rio Tinto (LSE)
    Standard Chartered (LSE)
    Vodafone Group

    Spread Betting Example

    Day Trades are a great way of taking advantage of short-term price movements. For example, Standard Chartered shares tumbled by as much as 18% after news emerged that the bank had been pulled up by US regulators for breaching US sanctions over financial transactions with Iran.

    As a spread bettor, you realised that the news would have a negative impact on Standard Chartered shares and had taken a short position on the morning the news broke. If the shares had indeed fallen during the day you would stand to make a profit when your trade was closed at the end of the day. 

    Remember, however, that if you had speculated but got it wrong (i.e. if you bet that prices would fall and they had risen instead, or vice versa), you would have made a loss on the trade.

    Shares and Day Trades are only available on Standard and Limited Risk accounts. If you have a Beginners account but would like to trade shares or day trades, you can do so by applying for a Standard or Limited Risk account here.

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