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  • Introduction to spread betting

    Spread betting offers traders of all experience levels the opportunity to speculate on the future price movements of a wide range of financial instruments; including global shares like Apple and Vodafone, indices such as the UK 100 and FX pairs like GBP/USD.


    Spread betting with us

    At Finspreads, we aim to help you maximise your trading potential and ensure you get the most out of the markets.

    We do this through dedicated support, training and education from the moment you open a trading account with us, right through to when you place your first trade – and throughout your spread betting experience with us.

    In this section you can discover more about financial spread betting and how to open an account with us. Click on the icons below to read more.

    • What is spread betting?
    • How to spread bet?
    • What are the risks?
    • How to apply?

    What is spread betting?

    Discover the many benefits of spread betting, the wide range of instruments you can trade, and how it differs to conventional shares trading. Read more

    How to spread bet

    Interested in how spread betting works? Learn the basics of trading, including going short and going long, and read an example of how to spread bet the UK100 here

    What are the risks?

    A spread bet is what’s known as a ‘margined product’, which means that the exposure of your trade is larger than your initial deposit. Find out more about the risks and how you can limit them, here

    How to apply for an account

    You can open an account with us in three easy steps. Find out how to apply, deposit funds and start trading, here

    Benefits of spread betting with us


    We offer a wide range of useful tools and risk-management resources, as well as a dedicated client management team who are on hand at the touch of a button.


    Account types for all levels of experience

    At Finspreads, we understand that each client is different. We offer an account type to suit every experience level - Beginners, Standard and Limited Risk so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

    You can view our range of spread betting accounts and read about the benefits of each in our Account Types section.

    In-depth educational resources

    Our 'Learn to Spread Bet' educational section will help you improve your trading skills so you can become a more confident trader.


    Trade over 12,000 financial instruments

    Including shares, indices, forex, interest rates and commodities.